The global pandemic situation has diminished the opportunities for me to communicate and network with students and potential employers. Accordingly, I decided to build this website, which hopefully will also complement the online teaching efforts I am currently engaged in.

I will be teaching the Capstone Strategy course in Spring 2021. Please check later the Course Materials page for details and required materials.

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    About Me

    I am a PhD Candidate in Management at UNL. I do research in Strategic Management and teach the Strategy Capstone as well as Introduction to Management.

      University of Nebraska–Lincoln, Ph.D. in Business Administration, Strategy (2021-Expected)
      Northern Arizona University, MBA, Applied Management (2014)
      Cag University, BS in International Finance (2009)
    Exchange Student:
      Lazarski School of Commerce and Law, Econ Studies (2007)

    Professional Certifications:
      Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Project Leader (2013-)

    Research Interests:
    My research is driven by my interest in economics, management theories, as well as my professional background in management accounting and financial analysis:
    • Firm resources and capabilities; resource-based view and resource-dependence theory
    • Innovation and organizational learning
    • Competitive dynamics
    • Organizational wrongdoing

    Refereed Publications:
    • Carnes, C. M., Xu, K., Sirmon, D. G., & Karadag, R. (2019). How Competitive Action Mediates the Resource Slack–Performance Relationship: A Meta‐Analytic Approach. Journal of Management Studies, 56(1), 57-90.