The global pandemic situation has diminished the opportunities for me to communicate and network with students and potential employers. Accordingly, I decided to build this website, which hopefully will also complement the online teaching efforts I am currently engaged in.

I will be teaching the Capstone Strategy course in Spring 2021. Please check later the Course Materials page for details and required materials.

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About Me

I am a PhD Candidate in Management at UNL. I do research in Strategic Management and teach the Strategy Capstone as well as Introduction to Management.

  University of Nebraska–Lincoln, Ph.D. in Business Administration, Strategy (2021-Expected)
  Northern Arizona University, MBA, Applied Management (2014)
  Cag University, BS in International Finance (2009)
Exchange Student:
  Lazarski School of Commerce and Law, Econ Studies (2007)

Professional Certifications:
  Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Project Leader (2013-)

Research Interests:
My research is driven by my interest in economics, management theories, as well as my professional background in management accounting and financial analysis:
• Firm resources and capabilities; resource-based view and resource-dependence theory
• Innovation and organizational learning
• Competitive dynamics
• Organizational wrongdoing

Refereed Publications:
• Carnes, C. M., Xu, K., Sirmon, D. G., & Karadag, R. (2019). How Competitive Action Mediates the Resource Slack–Performance Relationship: A Meta‐Analytic Approach. Journal of Management Studies, 56(1), 57-90.

Teaching Philosophy
My career and business acumen have strongly been influenced by my professors and the managers I worked with, and I firmly believe that displaying leadership is an integral part of teaching. Accordingly, I strive to be a facilitator and a leader rather than following cookie cutter syllabi and teaching solutions (and I don’t agree with the statement “students learn jargon at business schools”). I share with my students the lens through which I view business issues, based on my own professional and academic experience and strive to teach them ways of thinking. For both Introduction to Management and Strategy Capstone courses, I build my courses on three fundamental elements:
• Systems approach: the interactions between the individual, functions within organizations, the organization itself, the industry, and the society. During the classes, we will keep coming back to a diagram with circles in a circle (reminiscent of my favorite Kandinsky painting)
• Ethics and ethical decision-making (I will inevitably talk about my own exposure to financial misrepresentation from customers)
• Communication, in both verbal and written forms, is one of the main tenets of career success for business professionals and it is the overarching element that contributes to student success for the courses I teach. I make sure that there is a communication-related objective built in every assignment.

Professional Background
I worked for a variety of organizations, in finance-related positions:
  Lowcostholidays, Finance Team Manager (award-winning British online travel agent)
  PwC, Senior Advisory Analyst (“big four” accounting firm)
  Shell Oil, Credit Analyst (leading oil and gas company)
  Philip Morris International, Accountant (leading FMCG company)
  Thyssen Krupp AG, Finance Trainee (German conglomerate with industrial engineering focus)